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A robot brother to replace a real human brother. Usually bought when a single child feels alone and salt and peppery. Robros are specially ordered and made to do whatever the consumer likes, like playing catch with the lonesome child or having slumber parties. Rosis is still in the early stages of its development.
I can't go out. My robro got in a fight with my television again.

Robro did it. He gave the DVD to the dog.

My robro's harddrive was destroyed due my dog pissing on it.
by robbie the robot August 16, 2007
your romanian "brother" than isn't actually your brother by blood or marriage.

you live in a country that isn't romania ... you're the only romanian kid for miles until your parents make you play with their friends' kid ... this kid can potentially be your ro-bro
I had an awesome time with my ro-bro(s) this weekend, we got sauced and high-fived all over the parking lot
by a-pop/a-rab December 08, 2010
short for romance-bromance; a situation in which a boy experiences competition for his attention between his girlfriend and his bro
Lily is Jack's girlfriend, but she has trouble getting Jack to spend time with her because Jack and Rob are always hanging out. Its a very awkward ro-bro.
by tingloveslulu February 08, 2013
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