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A latino variant of the word rotten, used to describe a state of decomposition, most often in food (pronounced rah un). The refusal to enunciate the double “t” sound is most often utilized by Latino women.
Maria: Eeeee, these pinto beans smell bad!

Teresa: Are they ro'en?
by Kate Sjostrand February 22, 2008
A character from a fantasy series who is a four-armed winged dude who will stalk you for five years, but he means well. Honestly.

Fond of doing the creep, stealing and drinking vodka and f****** human girls.
Roen: *Does the creep, unfortunately without a pencil moustache.*
by E.L.Goldfish September 11, 2011
Usully the name of a queen or an aunt in fantasy stories
"lady Roen so nice to see you"

"Aunt Roen he dumped me" *sob*

Roen: "you desrve better, Like my stable boy or my lady maids hot brother"
by Blacktwisted November 12, 2010
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