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it's actually RIZLA-only one z, not 2.Fuckin stoners cant spell
give me a RIZLA so I can roll up a fatty
by blackscratch April 12, 2004
60 24
Brand of joint paper's.
Slightly imitation, but work fine.
"Yo homeboy, swing me the rizzla's."
by Diego July 18, 2003
34 14
Rolling papers I first used in Kingston, Jamaica. "Rizzla" in Kingston is synonimous with rolling paper.
"Whappen, Sah... sell me a rizzla now, man... cho."
by sven hoek April 10, 2004
21 11
1. Noun. (Rizz-luh). A brand of rolling papers found most commonly in Europe, however we have been able to get some silvers in Santa Cruz. They come in a bunch of sizes, but for the most part are more opaque than your average zig zag. Harder to roll with, rizzle's are the true test of a good j-roller. Used primarly for smoking fat spliffs or kingsize L's.
lets smoke an L james
ask sasha for his grinder, rizzlas and the other neccesary elements of blazing.

papa cant roll good spliffs with rizzlas, he likes zig zags
by landing November 15, 2005
18 15
shit brand of skins, used by amatures.
by i am lord! July 04, 2003
2 45