when you have a dank ass fart and it burns your ass hole.
i had fish eye food and it gave me the "ring of fire".

damn those beans really tore up my stomach i think i caught the ring of fire.
by capt. sava hoe aka flava flava August 10, 2010
The brown or oddly tinted skin surrounding the butthole.
When a person does not properly wipe their anus on a consistant basis and over a period of time, the unattended area develops into a darkened ring of fire.
by 911 and Cali August 26, 2009
when a male wearing light colored boxers, or briefs, has sex with his penis protruding through the hole of his undergarments with a female who is currently menstruating. the result of such an act leaves a "ring of fire" around the opening of the underwear.

A.K.A. the June Carter Cash
June didn't tell Johnny that she was on her period, so he left with a healthy ring of fire.
by mike hunt 1234 May 21, 2009
When you are having anal sex with a girl that has an Angry Clown
The Ring of Fire gave me a blister on my penis
by Crissman May 23, 2008
A phrase used to describe what happens to your anal sphinctera the morning after consuming a Vindaloo (Very spicy Indian Curry).
Meatloaf singing very loudly, once segued from "Vindaloo" to "Ring of Fire" on "Never mind the Buzzcocks" (English pop/comedy quiz show)
by Mike Fairclough February 17, 2005
When a redhead shaves there pubes and you leave a line of pubes around your dick so it looks like a ring
My boyfriend sent me a naked pic and he had a ring of fire and i loved it
by stickman979 July 09, 2010
The act of applying hot sauce to the outside condom during sexual intercourse, then sticking it in your girlfriend's anus. *Note: For safety reasons, always use a condom when performing the Ring of Fire to prevent serious bodily injury.*
Joe: I can't believe I caught Tiffany cheating on me with Ben Roethlisberger again.
Bill: Did you finally break up with her?
Joe: No, I'm waiting to give her the Ring of Fire tonight.
by Dick B. Long June 10, 2010
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