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To prevoke an emotion reaction from another person. common between relationship between men and women and also between friends from all sex.

A slang in Hebrew comes from the word "Re-gesh" that means emotion.
when one do or says something that can hurt the other one feelings . The offended side whether he was hurt from the saying/doing or not wants the other person to suffer/fill bad and have second thoughts for his actions.

more common uses:
make the partner miss me.
make the partner feel bad.
make the partner feel he needs to makeup with you for what he did.
person A:I went to the party yesterday and it was a blast.
person B:and why have'nt YOU invited ME?
(person B is doing rigshi to person A)

person A: I called you TWICE and you haven't return my call...
(person A is doing rigshi to person B
pay attension to the silence after the last word to emphasis the situation.)
by moppy April 11, 2005
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