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when a girl mounts a guy on top and bobs or rides up and down.
I like riding my man's cock.
by GMan January 03, 2004
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The act of being on top of a horse whilst it's in movement.
I'm going to bring my pony in from the field and start riding him again.
I'm going riding, want to come?
by Camaroyal September 24, 2008
Just like gunning people. Which means to insult them constantly.

Oh snaps! He straight ridin' or 'riding' yo' ass
by Darius_Davis February 06, 2006
To be making fun of or mock.
Why you riding on me, yo?
Are you riding?
by sbvampie December 17, 2005
to go snowboarding
Hey, you wanna go riding with us at Blue tonight?
by Heather February 08, 2004

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