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To operate a vehicle without illegal substances. The opposite of riding dirty. Believed to have been started by rapper Project Pat.
"Still ridin' clean, makin' cheese, and gettin' my dick sucked..." -Project Pat, "Still Ridin' Clean"

"You ridin' clean, but your gas tank is on E." -Project Pat, "Chickenheads"

Lucky for that pig who pulled me over, I decided to ride clean today and didn't have to spark metal on his fat donut-gruffling ass.
by Nick D May 20, 2006
riding clean refers to riding on some clean ass twinkies or riding with style, not "riding clean without drugs".
Project pat was lookin' clean, therefor riding clean in his car, contrary to already stated WRONG definitions.

you have to ride clean to pick up dem hos.
by Bishop June 22, 2006
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