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rida = a person who rides really hot cars n rides them right.
that rida be pimpin
by the person standing behind u March 10, 2009
47 47
a sweet girl who looks innocent but might just surprisa ya wit her crazy street skills yo! look for belly button rings...u know she be hidin stuff in there u only dreamed about. crazy cool as in crazy cool a rida. what else ya want nigga?
by yo mama's mamas December 06, 2005
152 70
An Arabic name. In Arabic Rida mean favored By god. This girl is very sweet and sassy.
She is such a Rida'
by Book girl November 05, 2013
10 1
A girl who goes for older men twice her age
"Oh my gosh, that girl always likes men twice her age!"

"I know, shes only 13. And, the guy is in his 20's!"

"She is SUCH a Rida!"

"Ahahaha, She is pulling a Rida"
by Aahhaha May 09, 2009
63 58
a person who is deeply in love with people with big bottoms eg mira
rida for mira rida for mira
by rasoool March 26, 2003
44 96
A hairy Lebanese teenager who has an equal amount of hair to a bear!
by WaxE March 26, 2003
32 144