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bomb, young (currently 22 years old), pro golfer who is sponsored by Puma. from Murrietta, CA. likes orange, motocross, fishing, and his crazy asian mother (he said it himself!). went to Oklahoma State University, but dropped out as a sophomore when he turned pro. is currently dating alexandra browne. some people think he looks like zac efron. his middle name is yutaka.

he could probably kick anybody's butt at anything. he once traveled to mars, and traced a huge puma logo onto its surface with his motocross bike (why mars? cuz its orange.). basically an all-around sicky-nar-nar guy.

Zac Efron: noooo.....? i'm zac efron.....

Girl: ........oh. never mind. bye.
by blue_n_white_girl April 02, 2011
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