in internet messageboard lingo, to drive a thread off of its intended topic; compare to trolling, however usually a rickshaw happens without the negative intent.
"we were having a really great conversation about tanking in that thread but then it got rickshawed and now it's just another rogue dps thread"
by kaytwo May 02, 2006
adj. incredibly, unbelievably, and irreversibly lame. the lamest thing you could possibly imagine. squared. multiplied by 7,682.
man 1: "that party i went to last night was rickshaw! i was the only person who showed up, and Johner, the host, only had a warm six-pack of budlight."

man 2: "i told you that guy threw rickshaw parties."

man 1: "i didn't know what rickshaw meant!"

man 2: "you should so subscribe to urban dictionary."
by magellon February 14, 2009
1. noun
a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person

2. noun, slang
a pejorative for female genitalia typically associated with women of Asian decent, associated with the racist WWII era belief that Asian women's vaginas have a horizontal rather than vertical orientation

see also UB Dictionary definition for "sideways"

Reference SNL skit from 4/7/01, Alec Baldwin's character made the following reference while acting as a former Chinease POW

"I know they're small, maybe one or two feet high. I know they sound
funny when they talk and I know the women have sideways vaginas."

Usage: "So I met up with this girl and after getting down to business I was surprised to see it was a total rickshaw down there"

by PJAX919 May 19, 2008
sex position where the man is laying down behind the female with his legs wrapped around her
"Lets try the rickshaw today instead of the bionic seahorse"
by JimmyEatWorld December 01, 2006
a small two wheel cart, 3wheel bike, or a small 4 wheel vehicle, pulled or powered by dirty poor asians for rich white men.
The dirty little Indian pulled me in a rickshaw while i laughed my ass off.
by Greg October 11, 2004

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