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An individual who is convinced that adding a bodykit and custom paint job to a car will make more horsepower than a well tuned engine.
Any car that has more stickers than horsepower is an obvious ricer.
by Mad_Matt July 09, 2013
Someone who makes unnecessary modifications to their import vehicle in order to look cooler and faster. They usually add things like aftermarket stickers of brands they have no parts for, neon lights, fog lights, lowered, front lips to make their car look lower, large mufflers, fake badges/emblems, and constantly refer to their car as "jdm".
Whenever i see a girl or kids i know i down shift my automatic transmission to make my car really loud. I always shift into neutral at red lights so i can roll back and forth so everyone thinks i have a stick. At the gas station i always pull my E brake, so when people look in they see my fake shift boot and know i have a stick. I open my hood when girls are around too look at things that i don't really understand. I buy most of my parts off ebay like fake racing seats, and wiper deletes. I occasionally poorly spray paint my cars front lip so everyone thinks i got new parts. I always make fun of other cars wheel gap, and i put fake honda emblems on my acura so that it is "JDM". I will race anyone, even if they don't know we are racing. Im a ricer.
by jdm12345678 October 16, 2012
An overused slur often used in completly wrong context. Originally a ricer was an aftermarket modified east-asian import with no performance modifacations to make the car look faster than what it actually was. This then moved onto a connotation associated with drivers of said cars being young, obnoxious, going for the "Fast & the furious look" and generally just in denial of the limitations of their car.

In recent years 'Ricer' is simply used to bash any asian vehicle, even stock and performance modified variants, usually by domestic & muscle car fan boys who suffer from the latter of the ricer connotation when their rides get outperformed by stock import.
*Looking at the performance figures of a GTR*

Import hater: 'How the hell is that ricer able to reach 0-60 in under 4 seconds?'

Myself: 'Its a stock car you fuckwit'
by SoapBoxStar February 25, 2012
"R" acing "I" nspired "C" osmetic "E" nhancements

Usually done on small cars, I.E. 4 cylinder imports and domestic. Every so often you see a car that is legit but is ruined by the driver with what is about to be said. These cars have almost to no performance enhancements, they just look like they are fast. As in, putting on stickers that make them seem legit. Like VTEC Mustang, a Turbo sticker on a small Toyota, and pop the hood and there is no sight of a turbocharger.

The typical ricer driver is cocky and does not realize that he/she in fact does not have the fastest car, but the slowest car in the lot and does not know a thing about cars and the mechanics.

Cosmetic enhancements for a typical ricer would be a huge body kit that looks stupid, sometimes the body kit is left unpainted. If no body kit, graphics and a big spoiler.

Cars that are typically riced:

1. Honda Civic (old ones)
2. Chevrolet Cavalier
3. Dodge Neon

Cars that are legit out of the factory, but riced anyway:
1. Ford Mustang
2. Chevy Camaro
3. Nissan 350Z
Those don't exist, just stop talking, you are a ricer.
by Sleepers are the S*** July 15, 2011
A variety of younger males that tend to dress up their 4 cylinder Japanese car or Korean car in aftermarket stickers, add a fartpipe, and an oversize spoiler.
The ones who do add actual engine modifications are only wasting their money because it would be cheaper and logical to buy a sports car that's fast to begin with.
Normal person: Why did you even bother with adding mods to a 4 cylinder economy car, that's gay dude.

Ricer: nah man what are you talking about this shits cool, I could beat a Corvette now.

Normal person: You could have bought a Corvette for what you wasted on that Piece.
by BobtheInterrogater34 February 09, 2011
A word which is used to describe a car and/or the drivers mentality. A R.I.C.E. car, Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements, is a car that is all show and no go with a driver who seems to think otherwise. You can usually spot a ricer by listening for a loud sound similar to a lawn mower and seeing a car with many colored body panels because they wrecked or a body kit that serves no function except to pu drag on the car. Real body kits help with a cars aerodynamics.

A ricer mentality is just that, the mentality of a driver. Unfountunatly this can occur in drivers of even the best, non-rice automobiles. Usually because they have rich parents who buy them whatever they want, AKA, yuppies. You can usually spot drivers who have this horrible disease by how they act or what they do to their car. Say if they try to race you in a parking lot of your workplace with a Silver VW Hatchback just out of the blue when you are in a rush to get home, then they are ricers in a nice non-rice car. And in this case, too inept to know how to race.
RICE car: Car with a super large wing even though it is FWD, dual exhaust for one cylinder bank(if not stock from factory), oversized chrome rims which drag on the car, bodykit that does nothing but put more drag on the car, stickers for parts not even on the car, that was lowered improperly via heating the coil springs or using shorter springs but not setting the camber right.

Ricer Mentality: Guy/Girls who think their car can beat anything and don't have any idea of its limitations(meaning they don't know how to handle their car but think they do and criticize others who do know what they are doing). Anybody who doesn't even know how to race even on a legal stretch of pavement(search youtube for "sad ricers drag racing fail")
by scottfail November 20, 2010
A honda civic, or small displacement 4 banger who is all show and no go. can be either import or domestic
My cousin is such a ricer, after he watched The Fast and The Furious, he went out and bought a honda civic, added a wing and 5 inch exhaust and got pwned by a mustang
by Johhny3tears August 01, 2009