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1.Any FWD foreign or domestic vehicle that is made to look fast by installing accesories such as but not limited to:

*aftermarket body kits
*aftermarket spoilers (which do NOTHING for traction on a FWD vehicle)
*oversized chrome exaust tips (a.k.a "fart cans/fart pipes/coffee cans") on an otherwise stock exaust pipe
*neons or other aftermarket lighting
*altezzas, or "clear tail lamp" lenses
*grille replacements made up of chicken wire type mesh
*painted calipers
*multiple TV monitors
*20 inch rims with very low profile "rubber band" tires
*cut coils for a lowered look
*stereo systems that have more power than the engine itself
*fake nitrous bottles (or to the ricer crowd..."NAAAAWWWSSS")
*and of course.....stickers of performance parts NOT ON THE CAR. (can you say "poser"?)

2. The truth is none of the above mods do ANYTHING to enhance the performance. As a matter of fact those who perform these so called "mods" have watched "The Fast And The Furious" too many times to be able to distinguish the difference between reality and a movie, thus they think if they make their cars look like the prop cars used in the movies they will be faster and look cooler. Out of interest, these idiots refer to themselves as "tuners" and not ricers.

3. The average person who owns or drives one of these vehicles is white, under 25, suffers from penis envy, wears his pants half hanging off his ass, walks with a fake limp and talks with ebonic slang. He probably works at Mc Donalds and races everything he sees but gets his ass handed to him 99% of the time. (Kias and Hyundais are exceptions)

4. Ricing your FWD car will not make it fast or cool, and is not a valid excuse for "I can't afford a real car"....V8 Camaros and Mustangs are still readily avaliable at a decent price. If not it's not a daunting task to do your own. If you want to be different you can always drop any 283-400 cubic inch small block Chevy V8 into an S-10 for one hell of a fast ride on the cheap.

5. The only real FWD cars that actually considered fast are the turbocharged cars like the SRT-4 or the WRX. Turbos are true power adders unlike all the fake gaudy crap mentioned above.

If you've ever claimed to have "raced a 'Vette with a Honda Civic and won", but for fear of embarassment failed to mention it was a CHEvette....you might be a ricer.

If your Civic has more neons that all of the Las Vegas strip clubs....you might be a ricer.

If your Accord has more TV screens than the local TV news room....you might be a ricer.
by Tha_Dawg October 22, 2006
37 25
a new mainstream concept that is over taking children today, usually a import car (ex. honda, acura) that will add parts or modifications that have no affect on performance, in fact most ricer aftermarket parts will hurt performance. (EX 3" exhaust on a 110hp civic)
a perfect example of a ricer can be found here: WWW.TEAMYAKU.NET
Is someone mowing there lawn at 11pm?
no its just the ricer down the street driving his civic.
oh. why does it sound like that?
because he belongs to a ricers club called team yaku and wants the whole world to know it.
by billy b bobby November 03, 2007
13 2
UK Definition: A teenage boy who just passed his driving test. Now drives a Fiat Punto, Peugeuot 106 or Vauxhall Astra and shouts 'Ere bei's, look at my backbox!' that has more plastic on it than the contents of a "Toys 'R' us" and more lighting than wembley stadium.

Can generally be seen late at night in your local high street or multi-storey car park revving engines, making noises like an old person snoring through a megaphone, with girls sitting in the passenger seat who have applied their make-up with a brick-layers trowel or sneezed in their make-up box.
"Look at this ricer in a 1.2 Nova. Looks like he's just crashed into a halfords"
by Shifty VW July 05, 2007
21 10
Any car which was designed to go slow (i.e. civic's, neon's, cavaliers', integra's, etc) which has been modified to even go slower. (i.e. wings, altezzas, ugly rims, stickers, body kits)
Ricer = the downfall of society.
by rice hater March 06, 2006
26 15
Any wackass car (civic, prelude, integra, accord, camry, sentra, etc) w/a rocket exaust tip yu can fist fuck and sounds like God's taking a piss after a 2 hr drive from nyc to atlantic city w/o a bathroom and w/ no engine mods what so ever...no racing pistons, no new crankshafts, no pulley gears, no cams etc. onli things modded are 'intake', paint, stickers, tints, rimz that go round and round, and rockets
HOMEY in a HONDA ODDESSY <minivan>: ayoo check out that ugly ass riced out radioactive green prelude next to us
ME: go race that shit on the highway
end result: a honda minivan owned a prelude w/ a 30 foot tall spoiler...also painted radioactive green
by ANDREW luvs SUPRAS February 21, 2005
30 19
A dumbass who buys an import economy car like a Honda Civic, puts useless, garbage looking things on the body (stickers, bright, ugly green paint, neon lights, a 747 wing, etc) as well as the infamous (and extremely gay as fuck) fart can exhaust.

All this is to make the car appear faster, when in reality the owner probably hasn't even touched the engine, or if they have, the performance of the car has only increased slightly, despite what the dumbass ricer usually says. Ricers typically like to go around, revving their fart cans and trying to race Mustangs (who usually don't give them the time of day).

If you're a real man and are driving muscle, do the world proud and embarrass these ricer morons at the drags.
Ricer: Dude I put a 747 wing on the back of my car and a coffee can on the muffler, it's way faster than your gay mousestang

Mustang Driver: My car has 300 horsepower and enough torque to rip your car in half, stock, not to mention it doesn't sound like a dying animal.
by Muscleftw November 11, 2008
13 3
Anyone concerned more with (poor) aesthetics and obnoxious audibility than physics.
"Dude my new civic wing is dope, geee!"
"Yes, but what is the drag coefficient of that monstrosity? And exactly what do you think the effects of that much downforce will be on the rear-end of this front wheel drive vehicle. Did you even think 2 seconds in advance?"
"I got a 'Fast and da Furious' air-freshener."
"You got screwed over Ricer."
by Onsokumaru November 06, 2006
13 3