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When a male rubs his cock back and forth between a girls breasts(ribs, see rib rack) while she licks his head as it emerges from her breasts
Susan Gives awesome rib jobs cuz her muffins are the size of basketballs
by E. Nicky November 26, 2004
The act of sticking a slow-roasted rib that's falling-off-the-bone up your partner's ass, pulling the bone out clean, and finally receiving the expelled meat from an elevated position. Hot sauce can be added to turn up the heat on both parties.
"These ribs are so tender and delicious. I should totally see if Katie's up for a little rib job action!"
by awful chief April 13, 2010
When a guy's Dick is so big that it rubs on the inside of a girls ribs.
Guy 1: "I ended up going home with Casandra last night."

Guy 2: "What? You mean that midget from the circus? She was 3 and half foot tall!!"

Guy 2: "Did you Fuck her?"

Guy 2: "Yah! It was tough at first, I totally gave her a Rib Job!"
by Hizzle Bizzle Cizzle Bizzle September 07, 2008
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