A word golfers invented to describe the long grasses or other types of plant growth they shoot their ball into.
Fuck Dave! I my drive went into the fucking rhubarb!

Looks like im gonna need my wedge. I'm in that rhubarb over there.
by DeezNutz May 09, 2004
(verb) To solicit conversation with another man while standing at a urinal, on any pretext, not necessarily sexual. For instance, friendly banter in a public house toilet or 'talking shop' in workplace bathroom. Usually an unwanted intrusion while passing water.
"Hey Dave, do you need extra time on that Kenton report?"
"Yeah, I discussed it with Marty - I just Rhubarbed him in the bathroom. His wife is a lucky woman"
by Reverend Tremendous Embakwame August 09, 2007
something stupid or really bad, bullshit
She cheated on you?? That's fucking rhubarb!
by julie March 04, 2004
A rhubarb is what you get when you go to a massage parlor that gives happy endings. The rhubarb part is the sexual part, the handjob after the massage.
Dude, I went to the Chinese place and got a rhubarb, it was off the hook. Really? I like going to the Russians for a good rhubarb.
by Joe L January 11, 2004
To be extremely hardcore. Or something that is very intense.
Hey man, this metal band is sooooo rhubarb!!

Dude, that ride was freaking rhubarb!
by Mike littoris October 22, 2008
a place for random questions, amusing links, relationship woes, excellent cartoons, late night shenanigans and the worlds most pointless sticky.
i was posting in rhubarb yesterday and catters locked my thread :(
by draconic August 29, 2007
adjective. Melancholic frustration or sadness associated with the apparent helplessness and inescapability of repetitive or redundant tasks.
"Man, I've been feeling pretty rhubarb about school lately."

"Did you hear Bill got a new job as the guy who puts erasers on pencils?" "Yeah, I hear he's been pretty rhubarb about the whole thing."
by smileyface April 09, 2008
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