When you take your middle finger and make it into a bump and jam it up someones asshole
Dude, i rhino raped Jeremie so hard, he started crying.

I am now putting polysporin in my ass because i got rhino raped so hard yesterday.
by I go here in info at school October 14, 2010
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the act of taking one's knee and ramming it into someone else's butt while screaming "RHINO RAPE".
victim: man i was just talking to my girlfriend at that party the other day when that guy gave me the hardest rhino rape of my life.
friend: haha sucks to be you
by clarwinkia June 12, 2009
When one's facebook wall has been assaulted numerous times by one person in a short time span.
Man, that chubi's wall got Rhino-Raped!
by wtfBelanie? January 08, 2009

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