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a large clitoris that resembles a rhinoceros' horn
"Her rhino clit was bigger than my dick."
by Rihana69 June 24, 2012
A rough draft of a final product, hence a rhinoceros's clit is by far, we think, not very smooth or soft, so a rhino clit version of something would be a rough version, copy or draft. Not a final product or writing. Preliminary version, sketch, etc. Early or premature rendering.
While recording tracks in the studio, there wasn't enough time to make a final mixdown so we made a "rhino clit" mix to get an idea of how it might sound.

Although the essay wasn't complete, the rhino clit copy was enought to get the jist.

Microsoft had me beta test software. The rhino clit version was out before the final release.
by D. Wollman , JB November 16, 2007

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