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A derogatory term for a person who is not only a closet homosexual, but also has bad body odour due to the fact that they use BOderant.

Their diet usually consists of human excrement consumed directly from the container without the need for cutlery. Classic examples being "cuppashit" and 1rhid1cup.

The average rhid grows to roughly 3 feet in height which is perfect for their favourite pasttime, collecting human male pubic hairs from source and sniffing them.

In large numbers rhids can be weaponised. The resulting effect is a giant homoerotic explosion which decimates populations by making every male gay.
- God point that rhid away from me!
- WTF that rhid just stole my pubes!!
- Man that guy smells like shit, must be rhid.
#rhid #shit #gay #closet #homo #pubes
by quikkie July 10, 2008
A person who is sick in the head and tries to affect as many people as possible with his/her dirty mind.
"Oh my God! Get that rhid away from me before I start hitting on everything in view!"
#rhid #reed #sick #dirty #infect
by SuperAMScrew July 07, 2008
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