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Recent Former Military.

Individual(s) recently separated from the armed-services (army, navy, air-force, coastguard or Marines) and/or to retain/exhibit traits commonly associated with military service and/or having served.

RFM Characteristics:

S/he has a clean-cut and/or squared-away appearance; is active in maintaining well-rounded level of personal fitness; has a look and demeanor of reserved confidence (sometimes confused with cockiness); is fiercely loyal; is quick to learn/adapt; is able to assess and appropriately respond to threats; is goal-oriented; approaches tasks with a sense of structure and discipline; endeavors to minimize mistakes and/or capitalize on them as opportunities for improvement (ofi), doesn't allow personal feelings to interfere with the mission/objective; is unusually aware/vigilant of surroundings; maintains composure under pressure; possesses a high degree of integrity/accountability; has a no-nonsense approach to problem-solving; a natural tendency to lead or follow, but able to assume either role as appropriate; has an high threshold for pain and/or pleasure; strives to cover unit liabilities and maximize unit assets; often has learned-tendency to repress emotion(s), aka locked and loaded; an individual who generally does the right thing, because it's the right thing to do.
the new guy/girl at work seems: like a team-player and/or wound kinda tight ... what's up with him/her? S/he's RFM. ah, that explains it.

see that group of studs over there--they're mostly RFM. yeah, they've got that RFM way about'em.

my brother has ptsd. what happened? he's RFM and was over in iraq.

Pat is RFM; therefore, s/he's an excellent candidate and/or plug-and-play-ready to be an efficient employee.
by usmc dawg October 06, 2011
6 5
An acronym for "real fucking mature". Usually used in a sarcastic setting.
person 1: so how many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

person 2: your mom knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of MY tootsie pop ;P

person 1: wow, rfm dude -.-
by RFMkoala March 14, 2011
17 4
RFM is an acronym for "Relentless Forward Motion" and is most commonly used amongst long distance runners.
I was an hour into the marathon, but I wasn't thinking about the pain; I was just focused on RFM at that point.
by Robert Watson September 30, 2005
9 13
Used to describe someone coming close to the level of coolness of Ray Fucking Manners.
That guy is a real RFM.

If we do this we will be RFM.
by Phillip Smith August 05, 2007
6 12
Room for more
Used in games. i.e Ever Quest: "Room for more on hill".
by Tagi June 28, 2004
8 15
Stands for 'Read-the-Fuckin' Manual.' especially handy for people asking stupid questions about electronics, vehicles, or anything with a manual.
Guy 1:Hey, Dude, what does this button do?
Guy 2:I dunno, man, RFM.
by BdT Royalty March 10, 2009
14 23
Run for mommy
server: "group1P2 has left the game"
group2P1: leave
group1P1: stfu i never leave rfm burn
by Icydoomhammer December 22, 2008
2 14