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The act of producing projectile diarrhea with such ferocious force that you feel like your anus is breathing fire like an angry dragon.
Man, I loved eating Thai food on my girlfriend's birthday, but my reverse dragon the next morning painted the back of the toilet seat like a mosaic.

Holy crap! Someone reverse dragon'd the far stall with the fiery wrath of the chicken tikka marsala gods!
by Scotty G. July 28, 2007
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The inevitable fiery and explosive diarrhea that scorches your asshole the morning after you eat extremely spicy food.
"What the fuck Lucy, why is there bloody shit on the wall, and why do I smell brimstone?"

"Reverse dragon baby... I'm never eating ghost peppers again."
by The Balls 900 March 30, 2014
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After eating something spicy and you end up "breathing a stream of fire" out of the wrong end. Usually results in a ring of fire.
We had szechuan food last night. What a mistake, I reverse dragoned all morning.
by Philote December 13, 2012
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