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Sexual position similar to the scorpion or the wheelbarrow. In this poistion, with the downward facing female's legs pulled up (as in the wheelbarrow) the male turns about face (creating ass on ass contact) and fucks his girl in a backward fashion.
This move was popularized by the pro skateboarder and satellite radio host Jason Ellis.

Note: Confused? Many men contend that this position is impossible but that is only because their dicks are most likely too small to pull it off.

Caution: There is a serious risk of phallic injury while performing this act. Make sure your chick is able to balance herself well and allow no sudden jerky movements.
girl:"I got drunk last night and went home with Bernard. He did this thing that he called a reverse scorpion to me. I was truly disgusted but I'm going out with him again on Saturday night."
by bernard l. October 26, 2007
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