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-when you inhale exhaled smoke
-breathing in the smoke you just let out or someone let out near you.
-the inhaled smoke needs to be thick not "pussy" smoke
-smoke dealing usually with hookah or bongs
person 1: yo check this out real quick
<inhale, exhale thick smoke and inhale it again quick enough to get the smoke back in your lungs>
person 2: wtf was that?!?!
person 1: i pulled a reverse genie
person 2:.....baller status
by Ener V October 14, 2009
A reverse genie is when you rub something hard and something goes back in instead of coming out. Most commonly found in the bedroom when instead of ejaculating from the penis a man actually sucks in.
"I was going so hard I did a reverse genie"
by alibadger February 04, 2010
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