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Someone who doesn't look at all like a ginger but, like them, have no soul. Their sneaky because it could be anyone and everyone.
Victoria: hmmmm you don't look like a ginger but you don't have a soul
Eric: oh, you caught me, i'm a reverse daywalker
by reversedaywalker12 September 13, 2011
Anyone who has pale skin and freckles, without gross ginger hair. May or may not have souls, this has yet to be determined.
Victoria is a Reverse Daywalker. Eww! Thats gross!
by Ginger killer 420 September 11, 2011
A being that has the pale skin of a ginger without having their gross red hair. May or may not have souls. Extrem caution should be used when around reverse daywalkers
"Look at victorias pale skin... Victoria is a total reverse daywalker. " "Thats gross!!!"
by gingerkiller420 September 11, 2011
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