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Someone who doesn't look at all like a ginger but, like them, have no soul. Their sneaky because it could be anyone and everyone.
Victoria: hmmmm you don't look like a ginger but you don't have a soul
Eric: oh, you caught me, i'm a reverse daywalker
by reversedaywalker12 September 13, 2011
9 4
Anyone who has pale skin and freckles, without gross ginger hair. May or may not have souls, this has yet to be determined.
Victoria is a Reverse Daywalker. Eww! Thats gross!
by Ginger killer 420 September 11, 2011
4 9
A being that has the pale skin of a ginger without having their gross red hair. May or may not have souls. Extrem caution should be used when around reverse daywalkers
"Look at victorias pale skin... Victoria is a total reverse daywalker. " "Thats gross!!!"
by gingerkiller420 September 11, 2011
10 56