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Revere High School is located in Richfield, OH. Home to the richest stoners in the world. The schools nick name is Refer High. Not a day goes by that weed is not a topic of someones conversation. At Revere, you can count the number of black people there are on your hands. The school contradicts itself cause though it is Refer High it is also a very conservative school. There is someone or some lame ass group of people trying to remove the gun from the schools odd mascot (the minuteman). No one who goes to Revere actually enjoys it. In fact, no one in Ohio actually enjoys being there... but these people never move... they stay friends with the same friends and live decently in the same area until the children they produce go to Revere.
by MrAdams December 13, 2007
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(Noun) A evil and gay school district that loves to make its students suffer.

(Adjective) Evil, Mean, Hated.
Revere High School loves to torture its students.

Wow, that guy is really Revere High School.
by sadly and RHS student. February 27, 2008
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