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Retata, A term for when someone has gone beyond their normal stage of retardation.
Yo Jacqui, you seen Maddi today Guurl, she gone full Retata!
by ERMAHGERD GIRL September 18, 2012

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More tartar than a sillyass.
Anyone who doesn't like Pearl Jam is retata.
by Rokinfreeworld January 01, 2004
Adj: Variation of "retarded" and in no way intended to make fun of actually retarded people. Insult to people who should be able to function normally but just screw it up all the time, usually to the amusement of those around.
In noun form: "rere" or "tata."
What a sillyass! That lanky white man by the trashcans was being retata and trying to rap.
by That Dark Haired Chica December 30, 2003