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When, for some reason, a man cannot blow his spunk on time. Also known as delayed ejaculation, retarded ejaculation has plagued mankind since the dawn of chivalry, when men were supposed to care about a woman's feelings. This brainwashing of care into the minds of men around the world has become the bane of sexual pleasure for men. It becomes a block in their mind, stopping them from experiencing the power of shooting their load.
I suffer from retarded ejaculation.
by The CJ November 02, 2008
During masturbation when about to blow your load a completely disgusting image pops into your head. Your load merely dribbles down the sides of your dick.
Josh- I was jacking off last night and all of a sudden i pictured Rosie O'Donnell's naked body.... i had a Retarded Ejaculation
by my pet tit August 26, 2011