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The aftersmell of a fart or poop most often after it should of aired out already.
Man whats that smell? Must be a little residookie in here.
by Austen the Puerto rican March 30, 2006
After eating a puss, from the 69 position, one may find some dung residue in their nasal cavity, dubbed residookie. Slang, Residuke, plur. Residukes
Man, after I ate out Angela, I could smell her residookie for days.

Vanessa's residuke smells just like Panda Express.
by art_gatorade December 24, 2009
(Addition to current definition): The ACTUAL residue left in the bowl after attempting to flush... I.E.: Skidmarks
Example: "Hey man, who left residookie in the toilet?"
by Rick KLU November 30, 2007