great star wars themed first person shooter for xbox and pc. despite being a star wars title, it defies their habit of making childish games and makes a game everty bit as thoughtful as halo: combat evolved. in it, you command a squad of clone commandos during the clone wars. they are an elite squad fo four, and you complete various missions behind enemy lines.
noob: i'm gonna go play Pariah
Haxor: noob, time for Republic commando
by Snowman McKnives June 04, 2005
The first Star Wars game where your main character is not one of the all powerful Jedi Knights. Your main strategy in this game is stay hidden for as long as you can, then when the time is right jump out and take down anything that moves with 300 shots of sky blue plasma. Then when you run out of ammo throw grenades, then take out your pistol and bash in a battle droids durasteel skull. Not to mention this game features Clones with a sense of humor.
Sev: "Ah... more bugs, more kills."
Scorch: "That was for Delta 23! Or, or…was that 32?"
Fixer: "Six-Two, could you cut the chatter until you've got something useful to say?"
Boss: "You lizards need to learn I'm a lot scarier than you are."
quotes from Republic Commando
by Landon Melcher May 10, 2007
A Republican without undergarments.
Chuck Norris is a Republic Commando because . . . well he's not wearing any "armor".
by N. Eutral March 11, 2008

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