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a woman who finds emotional intimacy difficult beyond words, and more particularly, beyond actions, particularly sexual actions, yet who often engages in ungratifying sex despite herself, wishing that the men she is having sex with were more "sensitive, and caring", or knowledgeable about her sexual desires, like her mother, who trained her in.This dark figure, often melancholic or 'dark' in nature is often a repressed lesbian, a.k.a. Sylvia Plath
" Dude don't worry about losing her, she is a headcase, a real repressed virgin. Send her back to mommy for more sex training and move on."
by taoteqingren November 04, 2005
A male who is awkward in terms of sex and is carrying too much emotional baggage to be able to cope with or develop a healthy sexuality
All the straight guys at this art school are either nemphos or repressed virgins.
by nathanaelA November 03, 2005
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