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A game used to determine who gets to sit shotgun in a car. Basically you pick a number between zero and the number one less than the number of people who are playing. Then everyone throws out a number in that range, and whoever's original number matches the remainder when the sum of the thrown numbers is divided by the number of people playing, wins. It's a really dumb game, and that tool bag Nicholas D claims to have invented it.
Nick D: "Shotty!"
Nicholas D: "No, let's play remainders of fun for it."
Nick D: "I already called shotty."
Nicholas D: "So what? Let's play."
Nick D: "Shotty is french for 'let me sit fucking shotgun before I shoot you with a fucking shotgun'."
Nicholas D: "OK, I'll just sit bitch."
Nick D: "You would."
by Nick D May 23, 2004
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