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1. one who chills so hard they hustle chilling
a) weed (or other) dealers- smokes weed all day and gets to chill all day and the better they are at getting other people to come chill with them and smoke more weed the harder they hustle the chill
b) rapper- lives a life of chilling, smoking weed, perhaps gang-banging, working out, playing/watching sports and whatever else by day and then partying, doing drugs, drinking, and having sex by night, all supported by their ability to talk about this lifestyle in a musical way, which then allows for more partying, drugs, sex, and chilling
c) Jersey Shore, The Simple Life, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
e) Jack Johnson, especially in the song “Banana Pancakes,” which is all about sleeping in, making pancakes, and living like it is Saturday every day. People like the song so much that they pay him money to support his chilling and singing about it so that they can live a little piece of Jack’s chilling by listening to his song and imagining how freaking sweeeet that would be

This is different from people who just have a chill job and get to chill, as in a surfer. True relaxin pirates must be in a position in which their lifestyle of chilling is what gets them paid by attracting others to chill(be it via an album, in the case of a rapper and Jack Johnson), which goes both ways in a self-promoting fashion. Named for pirates who hustled gold, relaxin pirates hustles chilling
Jack Johnson, "Banana Pancakes" Cant you see that its just raining/Aint no need to go outside.../Song is meant to keep ya/From doing what your supposed to/Like waking up too early/Maybe we can sleep in/Ill make you banana pancakes/Pretend like its the weekend now/And we could pretend it all the time/Lady lady love me/Cause I love to lay here lazy/We could close the curtains/Pretend like there's no world outside/And we could pretend it all the time/The telephone is singing/Ringing its too early/Don't pick it up/Just so easy/When the whole world fits inside of your arms/Don't really need to pay attention to the alarm/Wake up slow, yeah wake up slow
true relaxin pirate
by exchillalibur October 24, 2013
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