a retard humping a door knob as seen in dodgeball
you guys look like retards humping a door knob

you are such a re knob
#retard #re re #knob #reknob #dodgeball
by reknob October 13, 2006
Top Definition
the combination of a retard and a door knob.
hey! you! your such a reknob!
by Jordan Ruiz November 28, 2003
Someone who is just plain dumb. No common sense at all. Just makes you feel like the smarter person in the world.
Close the door you reknob, we aren't heating the outside!
#retard #stupid #dumb #renob #reenob
by p.i.c.s. May 04, 2009
The act of trying to get a 2nd knob job shortly after getting the first one.

A person who slobs a knob for a second time or simply every time a knob is presented.
I asked your mom for a re-knob and she said I was insatiable, then she said OK.

Hey your mom is one hell of a re-knob.
#blow #job #slob #knob #suck
by Mirasola March 28, 2007
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