A term to describe your best girlfriend who eventually becomes your best enemy because she may have seemed like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, she was so much more than that. Coined from the ever popular and accurate movie "Mean Girls."
Dude, why is Jenna dating Sharon's ex? I thought they were bff?
Oh she was a regina george.
Ah, of course.
by Jan OLeary October 28, 2007
Regina George (from the hit movie 'Mean Girls') is a representation of high school girls at the very top of the social hierarchy. When being referred to as a ‘Regina George’ (commonly a negative reference), it is highly likely you are being branded selfish, a slut, a back-stabber, a bitch, a conniving-whore, a manipulator, an officious Queen B and so on…
"that back-stabbing bitch totally thinks shes like Regina George! and yet i find myself submitting to her every command."

"Vince is the Regina George of Melbourne High"
by Taylor T March 25, 2008
The main character from mean girls.
Also known to everyone else as a Bitch. They are usually blonde, and rude. They have what they like to call "friends" which are actually just "slaves" to her every need. Regina is very annoying and really stuck up. She will lie to your face, and talk behind your back. The usual name for a Regina George is Emma, Mackenzie, or Maddi but its best to stick with Regina.
Regina George: Where did you get your skirt it's so fetch!
Sally: My mom got it for me.
Regina George*walking away*: That was the ugliest skirt I've ever seen!!
by Mean Girls January 26, 2013

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