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a derryism (that is a slang word used in the town of derry n.ireland) to describe someones anus/rectum/arse/bum
if that ball comes in my garden again ill hit u such a boot up the reeker
by dopey dick March 03, 2005
A fart. Massive Insano Smell
Eric: I just made a Monster Nuclear Reeker in your face.
Bryan: Behold!!!! The Massive Reekerage
Morgan: WTF is a Reeker?
Handle: Mace Mace in the Face.
Josh: I will not omit reekers.
Shangster: Techically Reeker are an important part of life, you see reekers emit a thermonuclear radiation that kills human on the spot. Especially people with the name lillsewonghbreenbshagm.
by Some China Man in Pre CAlc. March 04, 2004
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