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When somebody tries to explain, in furthur, simpler details, which you've already explained.
Me: Irony is like if a taxi driver got hit by a car, because taxis always drive crazily.
Friend 1: Yeah or if a robber had his house broken into.
Me: Way to be redumbdant.
by The guy with the chicken hats October 10, 2010
2 2
Referring to unnecessary, ineffective or inefficient redundancy.
Instead of carrying a spare tire, hauling a horse around in a trailer behind your car in case you get a flat tire would be redumbdant.
by yyz42ab December 10, 2009
10 1
The act of doing dumb things over and over again.
The man kept saying dumb things. He was being redumbdant.
by akwordmaker February 17, 2011
4 1
Something both very redundant and very dumb, like the Bush presidency...
Chris Rock - "Man, this club is so hard to get into. . . they don't even let AIR in!"

Dumb Guy - "Yeah, and it's hard to get into, too."

-from Pootie Tang
by Sho' March 09, 2005
7 4