1. Inconceivable; Unable to withstand without multiple facts; Unthinkable

2. Preposterous. Undeserving of attention or prize.
1. Holy sh*t this is redonkulous, can you believe the bullet to the head DIDNT KILL HIM?

2. This f*cking lag is Redonkulus, someone kill the ADMIN!
by Humza Tariq October 26, 2005
Top Definition
exceeding the capacity of normal human belief. especially pertinent to those events whose stastical probability of occuring is equal to the chance of surviving repeated scud missiles to the face.
I just dropped the most redonkulus load this morning.

I just went on a 16 person knife run on fy_iceworld2k. That was redonkulus!!

Your mom was redonkulus last night.
by Turd Ferguson February 07, 2005
An overly ridiculous sweet perfectly shaped butt.
That ba-donka-donk is redonkulus.
by Chris McBride August 20, 2007
about infinity times crazier than ridiculous.

origin:pretty sure earl on the most recent season of Survivor said it. First time I've heard it anyway.
The fact that he weighed 1,360 kilograms was redonkulus.
by k3nny g June 13, 2007
utterly ridiculous and inconceivable
Yo, this shiznit is redonkulus.
by Billy Bob October 03, 2004
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