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exceeding the capacity of normal human belief. especially pertinent to those events whose stastical probability of occuring is equal to the chance of surviving repeated scud missiles to the face.
I just dropped the most redonkulus load this morning.

I just went on a 16 person knife run on fy_iceworld2k. That was redonkulus!!

Your mom was redonkulus last night.
by Turd Ferguson February 07, 2005
1. Inconceivable; Unable to withstand without multiple facts; Unthinkable

2. Preposterous. Undeserving of attention or prize.
1. Holy sh*t this is redonkulous, can you believe the bullet to the head DIDNT KILL HIM?

2. This f*cking lag is Redonkulus, someone kill the ADMIN!
by Humza Tariq October 26, 2005
An overly ridiculous sweet perfectly shaped butt.
That ba-donka-donk is redonkulus.
by Chris McBride August 20, 2007
about infinity times crazier than ridiculous.

origin:pretty sure earl on the most recent season of Survivor said it. First time I've heard it anyway.
The fact that he weighed 1,360 kilograms was redonkulus.
by k3nny g June 13, 2007
utterly ridiculous and inconceivable
Yo, this shiznit is redonkulus.
by Billy Bob October 03, 2004