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When a person takes a drink straight from a bathroom or utility sink, due to a lack of access to clean water or drinking glasses, usually because of drunkenness, or pure laziness, thus turning the facet into a bubbler (drinking fountain). Prominent among apathetic college students.
Trashed College Student #1: Dude man, dude, I don't feel so good. I think I'm gonna be sick.
Trashed College Student #2: It's cool dude, you just need to get some water in you.
Trashed College Student #1: Yeah, but we don't know the guys who own this house, and this is a shady-ass basement
Trashed College Student #2: Well, look in that utility closet in the corner, there might be a redneck bubbler in there.
by Local Dumbass December 31, 2009
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