A derogatory term for an American Indian. Referring to their darkened legs. Creating by whites in the south during the 1830s.
We need to get dem redlegs outta here!!
by Father Red March 04, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who works with artillery.
That grove over there is a major hotzone. Pull out and let the redlegs stonk it.
by minefield November 15, 2004
A term used to desribe the first white slaves sold forever to the sugar planters of Barbados. they were prisoners of war from Cromwell's victories from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Now used as a derogatory term toward their decendents on the island
references are made in flogging mollys song "Tobacco Island" which is refering to Barbados (an Island in the west indies)
"hey Red Leg"
by HINKS1981 February 07, 2010
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