Top Definition
A game to play with friends when you're bored.
The rules:
One person clicks "Random Subreddit." If this subreddit isn't "messed-up" (ex.: anything involving porn, spacedicks, circlejerk, gonewild, furry, onions, etc.), this person stays in the game and passes the device to the next person. This person clicks "random subreddit" and stays alive if the subreddit isn't "messed-up." This pattern continues until all but one person have encountered a "messed-up" subreddit. The person who goes longest without finding a "messed-up" subreddit wins.
Optional- the people who lose need to shoot themselves in the head
Optional- betting
Me and my friends were playing reddit roulette, and I got out on the first round by landing on /r/picsofdeadkids.
by IQWBperm October 03, 2013

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