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A Youtube video with significantly more dislikes than likes. This creates a likes/dislikes bar with a short green bar with a longer red bar, resembling a lightsaber with a green handle and red plasma blade.
Person #1: Have you seen that music video Friday?
Person #2: Nope, I don't watch red lightsabers.
by thecooltodd November 30, 2012
from the Star Wars saga A Sith lord's primary weapon.
Chancellor Palpatine pulls out his red lightsaber as Mace Windu tries to arrest him.
by Xclibur December 20, 2011
A term used when a girl of non african decent, usually white, dates a person of african decent. Meaning that she "has gone to the dark side" thus uses a red light saber like in Star Wars. In other words a black mans penis.
Hey dude, I heard Betty likes the red light saber.
by Brandon16 May 30, 2008
When you are done having sex with a girl and you pull out and your shocked to find out your dick is all covered with blood. It looks like a red light saber.
Person 1:"Did you hear John's girlfriend didn't tell him she was on her period before they had sex?"
Person 2:"Yeah she gave him a red lightsaber"
by JT $$$ January 29, 2007
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