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When a girl has her period and her partner takes a straw and sucks out the blood and then spits it in her mouth and then cums in her mouth.
Dude, I totally did red fusion to Anna last night, but I missed and there was blood everywhere.
by AlyxAnderson May 02, 2008
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Redfusion is the best DesertCombat gamer in the world
Hey Redfusion kicked my ass again at Desertcombat....
by Joe January 18, 2004
Red Fusion, a red version of Dr. Pepper, tastes just like it, only its red, it might have a stronger cherry flavor in it, then the original Dr. Pepper
Give me a Red Fusion or a Dr. Pepper, it doesn't matter.
by Saints September 20, 2003
A tasty carbonated soda. Great for staying up all night on the Wire or gamin
Dude, toss me a Red Fusion, I gotta stay up all night to game
by (insert name here) July 23, 2003
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