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A common tactic of an Identity Deficit Disorder sufferer. Akin to the regifting practice made famous by Seinfeld, except not with Christmas presents for ones friends, but with endearing nicknames for ones lovers. The cynical practice of pimp daddies everywhere.
Back in High School, whenever I wasn't dating anyone, my best friend Marcus would sometimes kindly invite me out with him on his dates. I started begging off though after a few such get togethers and not just for the obvious reason that this was a kind of weird social practice, but actually mostly because I got sick of seeing how Marcus shamelessly practiced the recycling of endearments like "sweetums", "loviekins" and "babydoll". Of course the girl of the moment was none the wiser to all this.
#regifting #identity deficit disorder #skeezer #pimpdaddy #ingenue
by Russell Clark December 03, 2006
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