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When you're forced to breath someone's exhale
You’re laying on your significant others chest and their recycled air interrupts your ability to take in fresh air
by big baby 11 January 26, 2011
stale air that comes from the great technological idiocy called "AIR CONDITIONING" (which creates a race of shallow-breathing people without enough oxygen to their brain)
"turn off that recycled air, man"
by jek September 08, 2003
When someone basically repeats what has been said by a previous person in order to make themselves seem more amusing. Mostly used on YouTube.
waterforsale: "I hate cranky drive thru people's voices. They're like 'I'm sorry SIR, but we don't serve that!' "
lYk3OrIgIoNaL: "Yeah dude, mad people at the drive in bug me. They're like 'Can I help you?!' "

commentor: Wow...lYk3OrIgIoNaL, that was some good recycled air.
by Always... November 28, 2007

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