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An event in which someone admittedly attracted to you asks you out, under the pretences of friendship. You will attend typically romantic settings and events, such as a candle lit dinner. Usually getting to know each other, with pleasant conversation, acting with good behavior, and dressing to impress, however, there is no expectation and has no obligation to pay for you. If so willing to become physical to the point of intercourse, then they are willing participant, but are still in no way obligated to spend the night, or pay for cab fare home.
John: I’ve like you for a while, you want to go to dinner with me tonight.
Jane: Sure, it’s a date. Pick me up at 7.
John: What? No, this isn’t a date; I just think you’d be a cool friend.
Jane: Oh, okay.
John: But, if you want to come home with me after then I’m up for that to.
Jane: Are you seriously trying to ask me out on a recession date.
#dutch #date #friendship #cab fare home #intercourse
by style_D April 09, 2009
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