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A realchat is a chat frequented by large amounts of pedophiles. Often, they will be pretending to be age 18 or under in a realchat. All of the pedophiles know realchat is the place to be, the same kind of people you see on use realchat.
Want to see what a real pedophile is like? Let's go to realchat!
by lulz clown November 07, 2009
28 8
a term thats used often to state whatever was said is true;
Tyray: Ayo My Nigga...That Bitch Lady Gaga Is Sexy Daaaawg...I Would Beat Dat All Up..Word

Me: ....i dont know man...i heard ol'girl packin a dick

Tyray: Foreal?!

Me: Real Chat

Tyray: damn...never mind than

Me: nevermind nothin know you gay now right?
by MosFame January 19, 2010
19 2