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The Reading Game is a question and answer game built by you, the quality of the questions and the contents of the quizzes is up to the users. It is a Moodle module to be released later this year 2013. It leverages game mechanics to make the participants' interactions with the game, fun. The quality of the questions and quizzes is up to the participants who receive points for their efforts in both asking and answering questions. Participants can also rate questions, allowing them to directly impact the contents of review quizzes, while also activating a secondary reward called 'stars' for those participants whose questions are deemed outstanding by their peers. The acts in the game form the basis of continuous formative feedback and meta-cognition.
What is the reading game?
a. a question and answer game built by you and your cohort of learners
b. is inspired by medieval scholarship of reading books and questioning texts
c. is based on Socratic dialogues between teacher and learner
d* a lot of fun to play because of the above choices
by roblespar September 12, 2013
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