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The act of doing everything according to how social traditions and formal expectations dictate you should, usually for social acceptance by an individual or a group. One's ability to perform this act does not necessarily make them what they want to be.
Tessa: Wow! Max brought Niki flowers on the first date, opened all the doors, paid for dinner, bought expensive champagne, and walked her to her front door. What a great guy!
Andrew: Okay, he read the handbook, but so what? Is he actually an interesting guy?

Max: Yeah, I thought Niki was pretty cool. She seemed to know a lot about indie bands and films and ordered a chai latte at the coffeeshop. Then I slowly realized she was quoting Pitchfork with every other breath.
Tessa: Handbook-reader?
Max: Aye.
by p-teK April 06, 2008
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