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the act of trying to resurrect a casual sexual "relationship" long after it's been played out.
kate: i can't believe pete had the nerve to try and re-booty call me after all this time!

charlotte: clearly, he's vermin.....
by thelilsis March 03, 2010
11 0
An email sent by a telecommuter asking coworkers in the office to reboot a particular computer, so they can connect to it.
Dave just sent a rebooty call, I'll get it.
by Andileo January 22, 2009
4 2
Making amorous advances toward your significant other in order to pass time while your computer reboots.
"I thought he was in the mood, but it turns out it was just a rebooty call"
by Mischif February 04, 2010
1 1
The act of making a 2nd booty call after the first one fails. Similar to "rebooting" a PC after it crashes.
Ash: So did you get lucky last night with that chick from the club or did you have to make your usual booty call?

Dustin: I called Michelle for my usual booty call but when her car ran out of gas on the way over therefore I had to rebooty-call Sherry. Thank god she has a Prius !
by three-m February 02, 2010
1 1
Calling geeky yet strangely sexy tech support guy to fix your PC
Darn it my PC has crashed... On the bright side I'll give hot tech support guy a rebooty call
by Zappo10 July 29, 2010
2 3