People belonging to the town of Riverbank, CA.
All us RBK people are getting together to go drink.
by Jose F. October 15, 2007
Top Definition
Acronym for red bandanna kid. RBK is infamous for wearing his trademark red bandanna and humping fire hydrants and various other objects. He is most often spotted on College Ave with various signs on his back...usually about something stupid or sexual.
Saw RBK flipping off the F bus today with his I'm a beast sign on
by scarletknight14 April 02, 2011
RBK is an acronym for 'Ratchet Bitch Krew.' Crew being spelled with a 'k' cuz they so ratchet they can't spell.
"Mmmhh girl, who dat?" "Her? Thats Lala, she RBK. That Ratchet Bitch Krew."
by donut_bytes January 16, 2013
The logo or accronym for the major sports corporation Reebok
Reebok makes a solid pair of cleats
Sydney Crosby is sponsored by RBK
by Petrov June 12, 2007
Acronym: Random Black Kid
Kwame King...some rich black kid thats white on the inside....CREAM PUFFS!!
by Raj June 06, 2004
The athletic division of the popular shoes and sportswear company, Reebok. Most famous for its basketball shoes.
Allen Iverson rocks his RBK's on the court.
by zomgwtflolbbq March 26, 2008
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