when a guy rests his testicles over the girls eyes, making itlook like sunglasses
last night this girl was sucking my nuts and I then gave her raybans
by jn November 27, 2003
Top Definition
A high end sunglasses brand that dates back to 1937. Originally created by Bausch and Lomb, the company was sold to Luxottica, an italian eyewear company. They popularized the aviator and wayfarer style sunglasses. The styles have come and gone alot over the years and wayfarers particularly are making a comeback. Lots of famous people have been caught wearing ray-bans:

Ray-bans in pop culture:
audrey hepburn
tom cruise- risky business, top gun
blues brothers
will smith-men in black
bob dylan
andy warhol
kevin bacon
Douglas MacArthur, full time bad ass...
John Lennon, Travis Bickle, Slash, M. Shadows, Sam Totman, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Hunter S. Thompson, Dave Gahan, Megan Fox, Irwin Sparkes, Lemmy Kilmister, Johnny Knoxville, Pat Lobene, Freddie Mercury, Roger Waters, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Kanye West, Jim Morrison, Mas Oyama, Shahrukh Khan, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Ely Buendia, Jeff Lynne and GG Allin.

John F. Kennedy
Barrack Obama (yes, he has a pair)
"My Ray bans say 'Hand made in italy' however I doubt it."

"you rich bastard, you have ray-bans on"
by dopplemire April 17, 2009
Absolutely amazing brand of sunglasses/glasses, most widely known for their aviators and wafers, but cost a hella alot of money. Like, $140. If you see someone wearing Ray-Bans, they clearly are well off since they can afford to pay that much for sunglasses. Yes, they are just delightful and everyone wants a pair, but you have to have some serious $$ for Ray-Bans.

Very straight forward way of showing off how rich you are.
That girl must be really rich... she has 4 pairs of Ray-Bans

Whenever I go to The Hamptons, everyone is walking around with Ray-Bans, even when it's cloudy out
by westchester1 June 27, 2009
Sexy sunglasses from Italy
Dude have you seen that chick with the Ray Bans? Damn bro shes fine!
by iBJocking January 30, 2012
A sunglasses company that made the Wayfarers, the sweet pair of shades that you saw in the Blues Brothers and on Ray Charles among others..
I was perusing a thrift store and found a sweet pair of Raybans for $3!
by harry pip. May 23, 2008
1. brand name of sunglasses
2. The act of dropping your balls across your partners eyes. (also see teabag)
1. I just dropped a hundy on a new pair of ray-bans, since someone broke into my car and deeboed my old pair.

2. We had this party at the crib, and some nasty skank passed out in my bed. Because she did, I had to drop the ray-bans on her.
by ricky roma November 18, 2003
Lyrics to a Chris Brown ft. Kanye West song called 'Get Down'. Kanye was referring to ray-ban sunglasses in which he must have been wearing at the time or atleast referring to because they dim the rays of the sun to your eyes. Kanye West is a popular hip-hop/rap singer and is very well known amongst pop culture.
"I can see it through the lens of my ray-b-ans..." -Kanye West
by BryceTe April 14, 2008
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